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All School Bus Drivers Need a School Bus Defensive Driving Course

A school bus defensive driving course is designed to help drivers keep their precious cargo safe and to prevent accidents from occurring. Although it may not be obvious to some drivers that extra skills need to be learned to drive a school bus safely, it is easy to see why you would need to take extra precautions in this large vehicle.

What Is a School Bus Defensive Driving Course?

For starters, school bus drivers are taught all the laws and safety regulations that apply to all drivers and specifically those who drive school buses. Then it teaches drivers how to be aware of other vehicles on the road and to prevent accidents from occurring.

A school bus defensive driving course is designed by the Transportation Health and Safety Association. This is not an optional course, but is required for all school bus drivers. You must complete the course to become certified as a school bus driver which is required for a driving position.

Techniques for school bus defensive driving are typically taught in a classroom setting using audio and visual techniques. Group discussions are encouraged during the classes so that discussion of common driving problems that various drivers have encountered can be discussed. There are different rules and regulations for school buses than for other types of vehicles, and these are covered in the course. Other issues, such as attitude, mental and/or emotional state, and complacency are discussed as well. You will also discuss the importance of physical well-being, nutrition, being well rested, wearing necessary eyewear and anything else that will effect a driver's ability to safely control the vehicle. You will cover the characteristics of the school bus and what affects may be caused by certain conditions, such as weather.

Courses Available Other Than School Bus Defensive Driving

If you think it would be beneficial to take other types of defensive driving courses in addition to this, then you can also improve your driving skills even more. You can take classes that will teach you safety in your own vehicle for when you are transporting yourself and your own precious cargo. The more skills you develop through these defensive driving courses, the safer your driving will be and the less likely you will be to have an accident.

It is important to keep yourself and others as safe as possible on the road. Driving a school bus is an even bigger responsibility than driving your own car. You are responsible for keeping a lot of children safe as well as protecting other drivers on the road. A school bus defensive driving course will give you the tools you need to make driving a school bus a more enjoyable and safer job.

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